Black List/Red List History

Black List is a Clan in the online game called Clash of Clans. It has grown from humble beginnings to be a elite war clan. It was started by some close friends and co-workers, in the fall of 2014. They decided to start a new clan as they were tired of the problems and politics in the other clans that were available. They were aiming for a very open and friendly clan. In this they have succeeded and this is what makes the clan so powerful.

The people who are in the clan are all friendly and mature. This is a requirement to be in the clan. This means that they help each other work on war attacks, base designs, and the donations are top notch. These features are unmatched in other clans and create a unique environment in the world of Clash of Clans.

This also caused Black List to grow and grow. Sometimes this growth was for the best and sometime it brought problems into the clan. This is where RedList started.

RedList was formed to recruit players for Black List. The idea here is that we could get players to join RedList and if they were friendly and mature, we could move them to Black List. This also allowed us to take new players and teach them how to three star in wars. This means we keep RedList open a lot so we can find players, watch these players, and move them to Black List as needed. It also gives our top players a place to park their bases when they are under massive upgrades (i.e. Heros, Spell Factories, etc...) that hurt their ability to participate in war. So far this has been a great success as we have many core players in Black List that came from RedList.

I hope you have enjoyed the history of the clans and are looking to join.


Yes we have some rules. To view the rules use the Black List and/or RedList links at the top of the page. This list the rules and more of about the clans.

Joining Clan's

To find our clan's use the codes under Join Us to the right in the Search Clans feature of Clash of Clans. It is best to start with RedList as Black List is kept close and very picky about who joins. RedList is open after every war and is easy to get in.

Registers for Web Access

After joining one of the two clans, you will want access to this web site. We have a very active forum and other tools on the site that will help you. The forum also gives you a look at the friendliness of the clan and helps you learn more. To do this use the Register link at the top of the page. Fill out the form that is presented, verify your email address, then the application will be reviewed by a site administrator, when you are approved, you will receive an email with info on how to log in.

The Registration will require that you give us an email address. I personally work in the Computer Security (CyberSec) world and take great care in my privacy. Every option has been used to keep this personal email private. We will not use it to harass you in any way. When you decide to leave the clan, which hopefully you don't, it will be removed.

Enemy Clans

Prepare to lose. We are very active and take the wars seriously. Get ready for the fight of your life and cry in your beer when you lose. After the smoke clears, come check us out.

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14 June 2021