Welcome to Black List


Serious adult clan that wars three times a week. We have a good group of like minded players at all levels.


We have a handful of rules to help keep the clan going and make sure everyone has fun.

Speak English

Yes we have to insist on this. We do not need you to speak perfect English, but do expect you to speak enough to get by. We need to require this so that we can help people.

Be Mature

We don't care about age as we have found good players in all age brackets. We do care that the players are mature. This means no cussing and respecting you team mates.

Respect The Clan

This goes hand in hand with maturity. The other players in the clan are people also. This means they have feelings also. Don't abuse them or take advantage of them.

Use Your War Attacks

We expect you to use both war attacks. Please see war below for more info.

Donate As Needed

We do not have a donation ratio, but do expect all users to help with donations. The exception is during war. Please see War Request below.

No Rush Bases

If you have rushed your base to get it up in level, you are not helping anyone. All this does is give you harder attacks and puts you against people who have the tools to hurt you. It also increases our war weight which is used for war match making, thus making it more difficult for our clan to win.

If you are in a rushed base, we suggest you join Red List. This is a good place to work on maxing out your troops and stop upgrading the town hall all the time. If you can resist the urge to upgrade your town hall and build your base correctly, then join Red List.


War is very important and totally different then raids. To be good in war you need to 3 star a base. This means you need to destroy 100% of the base. This is not easy to do all the time. We have a lot of tips on this in the Forum's and the more experienced members will be happy to help you.

War Time

We start wars at around 7 PM EST on Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday. We have found that we get the best matches at this time and it is great to have a schedule.

Use Your War Attacks

We expect you to use both war attacks. Not using these attacks hurt the clan and will limit the loot you receive in the clan. This is very important and a very quick way to get kicked out of the clan.

Sometimes life gets in the way of games. I hate to say that, but it happens. If you know you can not use your attacks for a war, you need to mark yourself out of war. To do this go to your profile and click on the "Clan Wars" button. If it is red you are marked out, if green you are marked in.

Three Star

War is about three staring. Three stars help the clan the most and winning a war increases the loot everyone gets. If you have question on how to do this, ask. We have a lot of experience to help. If you need a lot of help, you might be asked to move to Red List

Pull The Clan Castle

Those clan castles (cc) are filled with good troops. They can mess up most attacks easily. One of the first thing you need to do is pull the cc and kill those troops. I have put together a short video on this that can be found in the Forum.

If you insist on attacking and not pulling the cc, you will get kicked. We need people who can learn to three star and if you are not learning, we don't need you.

Now some attacks do not require this. Dragons is one example. If you have doubts, ask in chat.

Fill Your Clan Castle

Attacking with an empty clan castle (cc), is another way to get kicked from the clan. We have a strict policy on cc fills during war (see War Request below). We will get you very good troops for the war. If you do not take advantage of this, then we can not help you.

Don't Over Reach

We do not require you to hit your number as in some clans. We have found that this leads to a lot of two stars. What we want is for you to hit a base you can three star, that is as close to your number as possible. This allows the clan to three star most bases early in the war. This can hurt the moral of the other clan and make a win easier.

If you over reach and hit a base just to get the loot, you are hurting the clan. This goes against the Respect The Clan Rule above. It also does not help in the war and cuts the loot everyone gets. We keep track of war attacks and we can see a pattern, so don't try your luck.

Now if it is late in the war and all bases you can comfortable three star are already three stared. We have no problem with you reaching higher then normal. Players getting more loot does nothing but help the clan in the long run. Please ask a co-leader before doing this.

Attack Early

Try to use your first attack in the first 8 hours. This lets everyone know what is left for the second attack and helps with clean up. This is not a requirement, but it helps win wars. Sometimes we have seen wars where we come out in the first half hour and dominate the other clan. They then give up and it becomes an easy win.

Clean Up If Needed

This is for the second attack or the first if you did not attack early. Look lower then you normally would to see if you can hit a base that is only one or two stared. Watch the replays and see if you can improve on the first attack. Sometimes you need to go very low just to pick up that three star on a base. This helps the clan and is seen by the co-leaders.

Research Your Attack

Look at the base you are going to hit. If it was hit previously, then watch the replays. Look for where those hidden traps are and see what can be done to avoid them. If you have problems with this ask in chat. We have players who have been there and they might be able to help.

Plan Your Attack

Each town hall level has a attack that works on 90% of the bases at the same town hall level. You need to learn how to do this. It can take time and practice. If you need this practice, you might want to look at joining Red List. You can also ask for a Friendly Challenge in chat.

If you have questions on how to do an attack, ask. We have some experience in the clan and can suggest ways that work. Ask in the clan chat and we can help. Also look at the Forum for some other ideas. YouTube has a lot of very good videos on different attacks, that work very well. Watch some of these.

Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. Everyone does things differently and we are all learning. Listen to the advice, but after you start the attack it is yours. You need to run with it and three star.

Have Fun

Now this is a game and we are all here for one reason. Enjoy yourself and respect the other clan mates.

Troop Request

We have very stick rules on filling request. Please read below for more info on this.

War Request

We work hard to fill all war request with very good troops. To do this we need you to put "war" in all war request. We also need to know what type of troops you want to use. This comes back to planning your attack. If you have a good plan, you will know the troops. Here is an example of a war request for hogs:

Hogs for war

Now if your troops are not max, don't fill the war request. This is very important. People request these troops to help the clan in a war, respect their request

Filling these war request, costs our top players a lot of elixir. Yet at the same time they are happy to help if the clan can win the war. Respect these players and use these troops wisely. This means you need to plan your attack so that you don't waste these troops.

Non-War Request

Keep your request general. Most request will be filled with archers and/or wizards. Now we have some very generous members here who will go above this regularly. Take advantage of these when you get them. Also a little thank you back is always welcome. A good example of a non-war request is below:


Also another strategy for non war request is to request for what you are doing. If you need defense troops as for defense. If you need troops to raid, then ask for raid troops. Let people make a decision on what to give you and have a surprise.

Also fell free to donate. We do not require a donation ratio like some clans. It does not work here, because of the way we fill war request. This would hurt lower players that can not meet these needs. At the same time we do require people to donate. Archers and/or wizards are the best troops to donate.



Elder is easy to earn and earned by all levels. Use your attacks smartly in a war and donate troops. We do not have a donation ratio or number to meet, we just ask that you make some donations. Smart war attacks is when you pick a base you should be able to three star and make a smart attack. Have you clan castle full, pull the enemies clan castle, etc... Don't do a loot hit and expect a promotion.


This is earned. We have a good group of CO's and most were in the clan for a while before even being considered. CO needs to be a clan leader. Someone who has proven themselves as one and offers something to help the clan. 

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14 June 2021